Editorial Board Application

Feel like you can contribute to the Rice Historical Review decision and design process directly? Do you have a passion for history or the journal publishing process? Email historicalreview@rice.edu to apply to be a member of the RHR's editorial board. We are offering a wide range of positions for direct involvement in the journal publishing process.


As an artist, you will have the chance to provide some of the beautiful accompanying pieces inspired by the historical publications. You will work with the Art Director to help create pieces that fit well into the Review. If you are an interested artist, email old1@rice.edu with some of your work and keep an eye out next semester for work after the submissions have been selected.

Copy Editors

Want to get involved in the editing process? Are you an artist that wants to contribute an accompanying piece to a historical work? The Rice Historical Review is always looking for students with experience in copy editing (in any field) to help with editing submissions! It's a great way to get involved in the Rice History community! As a copy editor, you would meet with the team once a month (if you are available) to edit potential website content for that month, as well as once during the second semester to edit the final publication. Email sg64@rice.edu or crs14@rice.edu to get involved!