Welcome to the Rice Historical Review, a research journal designed to showcase outstanding scholarly works produced by our undergraduate students. Students from all disciplines are welcome to submit historical research papers to the journal. We look forward to reading your submissions!

Featured Editor: James Ephraim Griffith

  • Position: Editor-in-Chief
  • Residential College: McMurtry
  • Specialization: Japanese History
  • Favorite Rice History Class: Imperial Gardens
  • Other interests: In addition to my school work, I enjoy playing video games and going for walks.

What made you interested in history?

I entered Rice as an astrophysics major, but became disillusioned with that fairly quickly, so while I was thinking about potential majors, I took Dr. McDaniel's course on the American Civil War Era. I really appreciated the historical approach to inquiry and the implications that events in our past have on our current situation, so I took more history courses and became a history major.

What do you like about working for the Rice Historical Review?

The Rice Historical Review is a great way to expose people to interesting historical research who otherwise wouldn't. It's a way to show people that history is an interesting and dynamic field that can inform us of what it means to be human both in the past and the present.

Do you have any post-graduation plans?

After graduation, I am going into the master of accounting program to get my CPA certification and work as an auditor.