Featured Editor: Roger Liang

  • Position: Managing Editor
  • Residential College: Hanszen
  • Academic Majors: History, Minor in Biochemistry
  • Area of Historical Specialization: Scientific History
  • Favorite History Class at Rice: 20th Century American Foreign, Domestic, and Scientific History

What made you interested in studying history?

Importantly, historians from different time periods formed schools of thought which interpreted historical events differently. As time goes on, people focus on historical questions and find more evidence to add to the conversation, and I think this continual conversation gets us closer to TRUTH!

What do you like about working with the Rice Historical Review?

The Rice Historical Review has an editorial board that really cares about its product and the people who contribute to it. You can see this from our personalized emails to the fact that every paper that comes into Rice Historical Review receives a detailed read-through.

What are some interesting things most people might not know about you?

I am an amateur powerlifter and wrestler, my senior honors thesis is in melanoma immunotherapy, and I have won a watermelon-eating contest.