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Featured Editor: Darren Pomida


Position: Assistant Director of Publication

  • Residential College: Will Rice College

  • Academic Majors: History, Political Science

  • Area of Historical Specialization: Modern Philippines and Southeast Asia

  • Favorite History Class at Rice: Dr. Fay Yarbrough's "19th Century Women's Narratives" - HIST 338.

What made you interested in studying history?

I was first exposed to history in my childhood when my parents placed a stack of various encyclopedias beside our television, and every time I was in the living room, I often picked up an encyclopedia rather than watching TV. I must also credit my high school history teachers, especially my AP US History teacher Mr. Dale Fritch, for turning my interest for history into a passion that continues today.

What do you like about working with the Rice Historical Review?

The Rice Historical Review is one of the few ways that undergraduate historians can really share their work. It is an excellent way of showcasing the often unheralded craft of historical writing.

What are some of your interests and career aspirations?

I worked at the Philippine Senate in the summer of 2016 as a researcher and speechwriter for a senator. Sports-wise, I'm a huge fan of Roger Federer in tennis and the Dallas Cowboys in football. If I'm not reading or writing for a class, I am either on the pool table, watching episodes of Top Gear (or The Grand Tour, but who can tell the difference), or playing a strategy game called Victoria II. I also consider myself an "amateur hurricane meteorologist," and I seriously considered doing meteorology in college before I ultimately chose history. Career wise, I wish to pursue a PhD in Southeast Asian history and eventually teach at a university.