Director of Publishing:
Christina Hahn '17

Assistant Director of Publishing:
Darren Pomida  '19

Director of Public Affairs: 
Edward Plaut '19

Daniel Russell  '19

Ephraim Griffith '17

Managing Editor:
Roger Liang '17

Assistant Managing Editor:
Anthony Tohme '19

Director of Copy Editing:
Abigail Panitz '19

Faculty Review Board

Dr. Lisa Spiro | Historical Review Faculty Advisor | Executive Director of Digital Scholarship Services 

Dr. Lisa BalabanlilarAssociate Professor of History | South Asia, Ottoman Empire, Islamic World

Dr. John Boles | William P. Hobby Professor of History | America and the South, Rice

Dr. Peter Caldwell | Samuel G. McCann Professor of History | Modern Germany, Europe, Political Thought

Dr. Nathan CitinoAssociate Professor | US and Middle East

Dr. Randal Hall | Associate Professor of History | American, Economic, Environmental 

Dr. Alida Metcalf | Chair of the History Department | Colonial Latin America, Brazil

Dr. Kerry WardAssociate Professor of History | World and African

Dr. Hicham Safieddine| Copy Editing Consultant